July 26, 2016

GSoC'16 - Port Comment Alter Module - Week 9

As part of GSoC’16 I’m working on Porting Comment Alter module to Drupal 8 under the mentorship of boobaa and czigor. This blog is an excerpt of the work which I did in the ninth week of the coding period of GSoC’16. The blogpost for the work done in the eighth week can be found here.

This week I continued to work on providing test coverage for the module. Last week we decided to use EntityTest as our parent entity and check the functionality of the module over it but while writing tests I came to know that it didn’t support revisions. To write tests using revisionable entities we have to use EntityTestRev.

While using EntityTestRev entity I came across an issue: our alterable fields were not shown on the comment form. However, earlier when I used EntityTest it was displayed correctly and even the values got altered. It did not display the difference since it did not support revisions. I was stuck here for quite a while figuring out what the real problem was.

It turned out that it was a problem with cache invalidation. Field UI was disabled for the EntityTestRev entity thus the comment_alter_field_config_edit_form_alter() was not called, inside which the cache was deleted. Adding the following lines did the trick for me instead of having Field UI enabled for the parent entity.

    \Drupal::cache()->delete('comment_alter_fields:' . $this->entityType . ':' . $this->bundle);

After resolving this problem the test was working fine and the differences made from a comment were displayed. Later I worked on the assertCommentDiff() function which tested the differences displayed over the comment-alter-diff table were expected. For now we have tests for Text Field and I’ll cover other field types by next week (see commit).

So by the end of the week I completed the function assertCommentDiff() and tested it for single valued text fields. My mentors have already reviewed the code for the work which I did during this week. If anyone is interested, my progress can be followed in my GitHub repo.

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